Thursday, November 20, 2008


here's Solange's new video "T.O.N.Y". Check it out!

i've always been a semi-fan of solange; but she's never been able to capture me and hold my attention. The video was just okay, but i suppose it tells the story.... sorta, of how her little bundle of joy happened. it's the story of her and her baby's daddy. T.O.N.Y. means The.Other.Night...Yeah? lol... okay. anyways, it sounds to me as if she's putting the blame on Daniel 1 [the baby daddy]. i could be wrong, but that's what i'm getting from it. what do YOU think?!??!


Jay-Edward said...

its not that I don't like her voice or her music.. I just think her attitude, SUCKS!!!! and it makes me not want to hear anything she produces.

george.arnett said...

i love her
most people jock her attitude, but i'm a kanye fan so attitude matters little to me.
T.O.N.Y. is a hot song.
i'm sure we have all thought about "the other night" at some point and thought "y" did i let that happen?

Anonymous said...

u slayed that, george.

Shanita said...

I shed a tear at the end, lol. Cute song and love the vid's nod to Carrie and Sex and the City...oh, I'm such a fan...

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