Friday, January 30, 2009


Here's the video for Ciara's "Never Ever" that will be featured on her Fantasy Ride LP. Good stuff. [Am I the only one that thinks the beginning of the video is reminiscent of Janet Jackson's "That's The Way Love Goes"??]

NICE! the dance sequence [when she had the red jacket] was bumpin.... and check out the basketball star Al Horford, of the Atlanta Hawks, as her 'rebound' guy. HA!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


After suffering the loss of her mother, brother and nephew, Jennifer Hudson is making her return to the music spotlight, and we've got photos of her at work on her new music video.
Hudson has filmed a video for her single "If This Isn't Love," which is set to premiere the week of Feb. 9. The 27-year-old Oscar winner will also sing the national anthem Sunday at the Super Bowl.
Meanwhile, William Balfour, the man suspected of killing Hudson's relatives, has plead not guilty to charges of first-degree murder and home invasion, says the Associated Press.
source : Perez Hilton, Entertainment Tonight Online


Check out this new song, Get Use To Her, by Usher.  Uhmm.... clearly it's a song for all of those who have something to say about him and his wife.  It's a bumping song, though! Definitely better than the other material that's been leaking; but why does he constantly feel the need to have to defend him and his relationship with Tameka? He has nothing to prove! Just saying...


here's the video for the soundtrack to my life, Lions, Tigers & Bears, by multi-Grammy nominated songstress Jazmine Sullivan.

love it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When "Making the Band" returns on February 12, fans already know two former members will be missing: Aubrey O'Day and D. Woods, who were dismissed from the group by Diddy last season. But they'll probably be surprised that Shannon Bex isn't there either, which apparently means the end of the band.

"As of right now, [Danity Kane doesn't exist]," Dawn Richard told MTV News on Wednesday (January 28). "It's devastating for me."

"You'll see me and Drea [Aundrea Fimbres] try and pick up the pieces on our own [on this season's show] — pieces that we didn't even make," she continued. "We didn't even break it and we're trying to sweep it up ourselves. Puff invited all the girls to come back on this season and they chose not to. Only two of us showed up. That's fine if that's the choice.

read the rest, here.

wow..i can say that i'm disappointed.  i actually thought this was merely a publicity stunt for the show's new season. sigh.. i really liked the group. they bumped! well hell...... 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Since I'm on a Fantasia high, stemming from her high-octane performance of Lady Marmalade from the Patti tribute, i HAD to post this video of her appearance on American Idol. Lol... All i can do is say YES to Fantasia. I love her authenticity. I also appreciate the fact that she hasn't allowed "Hollywood" to change ALL!!!!!!! It's brilliant to me that she would pick "Bore Me [Yawn]" from her Fantasia disc on a show like American Idol. LoL! AHHHH I LIVE TO LOVE!!!! It's so fantabulously HOOD!!!! Peep Simons face towards the end... it's like he's saying, "My God..."

She's a born entertainer. A true American Idol. Love it. By the way, she bumped the HELL out of this performance. 

Notice the girl, to Fantasia's left, at the 1:32 mark. That's the face of someone in church in preperation to "go in."  First, the stare. Followed by a pull in your spirit [your stomach, lol] Finally, the scream. Yeah, she's gone in. IT'S ALRIGHT!!! HAHAHAHA


You may not be too familiar with Ryan Leslie, but you are most definitely familiar with his music. Anthony Ryan Leslie, 30, hails from Washington, DC. Founder of the marketing and media company NextSelection, Leslie is best known for his production work with NextSelection/Bad Boy/Atlantic and is the hit-maker behind so many artists. His muse, Cassie, had the number 1 single in the country with Me & You. Leslie's production history spans several contemporary music genres, including hip hop, R&B, pop, gospel, and dancehall. Production credits include Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Cassie, JoJo, Danity Kane, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Katharine McPhee, New Edition, Latif, Megan Rochell, M. Pokora, LL Cool J. He is currently in the studio working with Usher. His style is classically contemporary. That's why I like him. His sound reminds of times spent with my brothers, so listening to his grooves gives me comfort.

Leslie is finally releasing his sophomore self-titled album after several times being pushed back last year on February 10th. All of the songs on the album was produced by him. The man is a beast. Here are a few tracks from the LP that will definitely feed into the appetite. His album combines the sounds of Pharell, Prince, and Maroon 5. HOT! and his BASS LINE! YES!!!! AHHHH!! Lol


Visit Ryan's MySpace & YouTube

for my brothers and Joy


Update : The little brother warned my that this is a fake remix. Lol.. Jay's rap was copied and pasted onto this track... Mess.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


his voice literally got me out of the bed. I'm sitting here watching Celebration of Gospel, talking to Tia, when Rance Allen comes on. As soon as i heard him sing, I called my dad and asked if he knew him. HA! Stupid question.... Long story short; it leads to this:

Meet Mr. Effie White

for : my family



So as I was in and out of consciousness from this stomach flu that's going around, but I managed to catch some SANGERS on the UNCF show honoring Patti Labelle. sigh.... 

Fantasia. SANG! Jennifer. SANG!  Brian McKnight. SANG! Mario. SANG! Chrisette Michelle. SANG! 

Most performers sang two songs. Jennifer took on, "Stir It Up" and "Over The Rainbow" while Fantasia WORKED through "Lady Marmalade" and "Somebody Loves You". Taking on a Patti song is NO easy task, but everybody did their thing last night. To catch the program in full, it airs on CBS tonight at 9.

Fantasia [Lady Marmalade] :

Jennifer Hudson [Over The Rainbow] :

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Here's your daily dose of Jen Hud "impromptuly" singing "His Eye Is On The Sparrow... YES!

I totally forgot about this... Thanks Dazonne...

and for a bonus:


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Jennifer Hudson hasn't been seen out in public since her horrible family tragedy last October, but she reappeared in Florida, where it is rumored to be her new home, a few days ago looking in better spirits.  Make sure to check the Super Bowl on Feb 1. when she delivers the Star-Spangled Banner! :-)


After Beyonce's historic performance of "At Last" for the Barack and Michelle's first dance,  she emotionally discussed the experience and what it meant to her. This was by far the performance of her lifetime. IMO...

amazing. i feel the same way she does. Beyonce has truly had some amazingly historic moments during her career.  All I can say is, Wow.

"I was thinking [about] all of the sacrifices Obama, and his wife, and his children have made; and at last, he's here."

Here's her performance along with the President and Wife's first dance of the night:

Monday, January 19, 2009


no explanation needed.

for Amanda


sigh... Jennifer Hudson sings.
Check this clip out of her singing, on spot, the inspirational song "Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There" from her multi Grammy-nominated, self-titled, debut album. :-)

just sit there... and sing. period.





Here's my Monday good news...

Jennifer Hudson will perform at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards on February 8, where she's been nominated for four awards.

This is the second televised performance Hudson has announced since the October murders of her mother, brother and nephew. Last week, it was revealed that the Oscar winner will sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, in Tampa, Florida, on February 1. That will be the singer's first public appearance since the tragedy.

Hudson is up for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, Best R&B Song (for "Spotlight"), Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals for her duet with Fantasia ("I'm His Only Woman"), and Best R&B Album. Days before the show, she will also perform on February 6 at the Recording Academy's MusiCares Person of the Year gala honoring Neil Diamond.

The 27-year-old sang the national anthem at the Democratic National Convention in August to a rapturous reception, but she is not expected to take part in any of the festivities for President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration.

AHHH!!! YAY!!! I knew this would happen... Sigh... I wonder what she would sing? There's also talk that she will be performing at the exclusive Clive Davis party the night before the big show.  Rumors of a duet with Whitney Houston have been swirling.  We'll see! I can't wait tho. The first few weeks of Feb are gonna be on and poppin for the Hudson. I'm GEEKED! :-D


Saturday, January 17, 2009



amazing. stylish. fierosh!!!!! Sam Sparro - Google him... [Thanks, George]


Here's yet another unreleased track from Brandy; and i AINT complaining! This one, Bring It Back, is produced by hit-maker Brian Michael Cox. Enjoy!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


this chick SINGS... who new?!??! i mean, being back up to DOMINATRIX that is Nicole Scherzinger, it's nearly impossible to even hear the other voices in the 5-woman group!! SHEESH! However, on their latest effort, Doll Domination, Melody Thorton is given a solo track; and if i must say, it's probably one of the best tracks on the album.  [She's also the beatest one in the group. ;)]

The song reminds me of that "middle school" R&B.  It's like a mix of JoJo and SWV. I love it. and her runs... just SING, MELODY!!!! LoL...

"the plan was to let me down gently... the game was to call it 'temporary'. be careful what you wish for, cuz you might get that and so much more."


Today would have marked the 30th Birthday of Aaliyah. 
I'll make sure to bang your jams today!



Am I the only one that didn't know about this?

Here’s a flash from the music world: while the rest of us were enjoying the holidays, Hidden Beach Records honcho Steve McKeever and movie music supervisor Bonnie Greenberg have been hard at work putting together a special CD tied to Barack Obama’s inauguration.

The CD features a dozen stars including Stevie Wonder, who contributed a totally new track called “All About the Love Again.” The single, destined to be Wonder’s biggest hit in more than a decade, is a sizzling fresh slice of R&B, very updated and ready to embraced in remixes, etc.

The other artists on the album include Maroon 5 with their own new track, “Pure Imagination (2009),” plus from the Black Eyed Peas, Sheryl Crow, Lenny Kravitz, India.Arie, Melissa Etheridge, Usher, James Taylor, Jennifer Hudson, Death Cab for Cutie, Ozomatli, Robin Thicke, The Tony Rich Project, Wilco, Bebe Winans, rapper Common, Lionel Richie, and Melissa Etheridge.

McKeever and Greenberg, with an even bigger committee, worked tirelessly to put together a combination of artists and songs based on the songs’ themes and lyrics, too.

Unlike most compilation CDs, the Obama Soundtrack is full of new, catchy very hot material — no retreads or musty pieces from the vaults. All the artists, I am told by sources, were paid on the same level no matter how big or small they considered themselves. And that, I’ve heard in the music industry, caused a little problem as the always charming Warner M. Group refused to make deals for any of their artists including anything from the Atlantic vaults. I’m sure, in fact, that Aretha Franklin has no idea that requests for a couple of her classic tracks like “A Change is Gonna Come”—were declined. The M in WMG now stands for Miserly.

But the Obama Soundtrack should also be collector’s item purchase since it includes a DVD of several speech clips from the new US president. The CD, by the way, intersperses pieces of Obama speeches throughout the new songs. For example, I don’t know much about the Tony Rich project, but I love their contribution called “The Dream is Real.”
                                                               The "Secret" CD hits stores on Inauguration Day.
source : FOX News

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'm sure most have you have NEVER heard this, but since I'm such the Jennifer fanatic that I am, I decided to share this with you. LoL...

Check out this song that was recorded for Meat Loaf's latest disc, "The Future Ain't What it Used To Be". Jennifer had the honor of recording the title track with him. Good for her. Below is a snippet of their recording session [hahaha and make sure you peep, at the 0:58 mark, when Meat Loaf screamed in Jennifer's ear and scared her. Lol]: 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


here's the new single from Letoya Luckett. Enjoy!


Well check this out... Following in the footsteps of Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, Cher, and Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson will soon be added to the A-List of Super Bowl, Star-Spangled Banner, performers. That's right, Jennifer will make her first appearance at the Feb 1 game. Check out what E! Online has to say:
I can exclusively tell you that Ms. Hudson will return to the stage for the first time since her horrific family tragedy at next month's Super Bowl.
The Grammy-nominated songbird will sing the national anthem before the big gridiron game on Feb. 1 in Tampa, Fla.
"She certainly can nail it,'" a source just told me. "She proved it at the Democratic National Convention."
The Chicago native performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Democratic National Convention when Sen. Barack Obama accepted his party's nomination in August.

You can read the full article here


February 3rd. :-)

Monday, January 12, 2009


it wasn't that long ago that the civilians of the '80's were spoiled with GREAT music... 
Check out this clip from the 1983 Grammys. It's the best R&B vocal category. 
Jennifer Holliday, Patrice Rushen, Deniece Williams, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, Diana Ross in ONE category!!! 

amazing... and the guys, Luther and Marvin... wow...
Let's see how this years category holds up: 

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance : 
Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, & Jazmine Sullivan 
my vote - Jennifer Hudson

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance : 
Eric Benet, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Usher 
my vote - Ne-Yo

Sunday, January 11, 2009


BAND... PLAY!!!!!
[sidenote: It's amazing how Beyonce works, sitting down.]
This is Single Ladies, rehearsed.  sigh....

for my brothers. PLAY ON!!! YES!!!
"y'all be jaaammin... dat go hooard! that single lady go hooard! go hard son. go hard son... son don don... OKAY, on more time!"

that's it. i'm done.



say it for me, Amanda. Lol....
[the dude at the 1:45 mark, i PROMISE i thought he had just ended his own life with that force of movement. GEESH!]

Saturday, January 10, 2009


This guy is cold... Watch this video of Jordan Ware - my Morehouse brother - playing the violion... to the beat. :-) [not used to seeing that huh?]

     Hailing from the streets of New York City, Jordan "J.o" Ware was born with natural music ability, which could be seen at an early age. Writing his first song at the age of five, Jordan would soon pick up a violin and his life would then change forever. While performing with the Opus 118 East Harlem Violin Program, Jordan had the opportunity to tour the world and perform with such acts as Wyclef Jean, Madonna, N'SYNC, Gloria Estefan, Bobby McFerrin and Quincy Jones. Jordan always loved music and after spending time at such musical schools as Bloomingdale House of Music, and the MAP program at the Julliard School of Music, he decided to move to the genre of jazz and blues. 
     Under the teaching of his mentor, Julie Lyonn Lieberman, Jordan learned the art of improvisation and fell in love with the violin for yet a second time. While attending Morehouse College, Jordan began to fuse Jazz violin and Hip-Hop together, while making tracks on his computer. He loved the challenge of creating a new genre of music, which could be known and loved by others. Jordan is quick to let his opinion of music today be known. "Music is supposed to have meaning behind it, unfortunately we are in a time where money is the determination of meaning. That is why I am here to change that." Jordan "J.o" Ware is a man of many talents. He is a violinist, an MC, a producer and an entrepreneur (One Love Music Ent.). The future holds much for this young talent, and only time will tell how far he goes...

 You can Facebook the kid here....


This is an older, but my favorite, performance of Jennifer Hudson singing "Giving Myself Over To You" from her self titled album. She is in studio with Steve Harvey, and I must say that this version is better than the CD's. She sings.



Jazmine Sullivan performs "Bust Your Windows" on Craig Ferguson. She works. The arrangement from the 2:03 - 2:15 mark, is SICK! However, as MUCH as i love Jazmine, i reaaaaally wish and hopes that she takes care of her voice. It seems to me that that sultry sound is beginning to be replaced by "raspy". Not good. Especially this early in her career.

She still bumps tho, that's for damn sure.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009



photo : Quinton Campbell


Things seem to be looking up, professionally, for Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer leads the NAACP Image Award nominations with a total of 7 nods in both film and music.
She received nominations for best new recording artist, best female recording artist, best duo (with Fantasia), best music video (“Spotlight”), best song (“Spotlight”), best album (“Jennifer Hudson”) and best supporting actress (“The Secret Life of Bees”). WORK!

Beyonce got five nominations, including best female recording artist, best video for both “If I Were A Boy” and “Single Ladies,” best album for “I Am…Sasha Fierce,” and best supporting actress for “Cadillac Records.”

Best motion picture nominations went to “Cadillac Records,” “The Secret Life of Bees,” “Miracle at St. Anna,” “Seven Pounds” and “Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys."

Exciting stuff! [Also, congrats Keshia for YOUR nomination!]  Hopefully Jen will take a statue home with her.  Halle Berry and Tyler Perry will host the awards show, which will air February 12 on Fox.  To view the FULL list of nominations, click HERE. CONGRATULATIONS, EVERYONE!!! :-D

source: Examiner


Watch this video of former 3LW member, Naturi Naughton, speak about her character in the NOTORIOUS film.  [There are also two small clips of her perfromance.] In the flick, she portrays iconic rapper Lil' Kim. sigh... I don't know man. I mean, she looks NOTHING like Lil Kim to me.  

And for Kim to still be alive and well, well... it just seems as though the casting could have been done a little more intense in that area. However, I'll hold my commentary for when the movie is actually released.  Notorious hits theaters on the 16th.  


Here is a remix for the second single, from Jennifer Hudson's multi-Grammy nominated album, If This Isn't Love. [Which is my favorite track on the disc.] Beautiful. :-)


so, i woke up with the song "That's When You Bless Me" on my heart. There were still some things-people i was attempting to hold onto through the new year; but thank the Lord for this song. It feels so good to know that as soon as you let it go, God's got that better replacement ready and waiting. Just trust Him. I'm learning to. What I have learned, is that He never disappoints. He's always on time; and for that, I'm grateful.

My life was torn beyond repair
I felt so alone, seemed no one cared
You came along, gave me a song
To ease the pain and erase the strain

You could have left me standing there
With no one, no one to care
But You promised me You'd be there on time
And You did just what You said

(Female solo)
Against all odds, I made the choice
To give You my life, now I rejoice
You answered my prayers not a moment to soon
Your word I embraced, my sins You erased

(I gave it up) That's when You bless me
(Oh I let it go) That's when You bless me
(Lord, You brought me through, now I'm brand new)

(I said have Your way) That's when You bless me
(Oh I'm here to stay) That's when You bless me
(Lord, You promised me You would hear my plea)
And You did just what You said.

(Female solo)
Against all odds, I made the choice
To give You my trust, now I rejoice
You answered my prayers not a moment to soon
Your word I embraced, my sins You erased

And You did just what You said....


I hope this isn't true...

Well, reports are saying that Beyonce is in talks to play the character of Ginger- from the hit '70s show "Gilligan's Island". First of all, why a movie?!??!? I mean, is it really necessary? Help us..  Studios need to be focusing on making a silver-screen version of "The Golden Girls" - with the ORIGINAL cast... now THAT would be hott!

Back to this Beyonce bizz, I added a clip from the show of the character Ginger performing. Another singing role for Beyonce, huh? smh... We shall see... But then again, this may all just be a big ole rumor. Lets hope so! :-/



Jazmine Sullivan sits down with This50 and talks about the start of her music career and more. She sings.... And that clip from her Apollo performance when she was 11.... sigh.... SHE SINGS!!!!!!!!!

here's the full Apollo appearance:

I love Jazmine because she's true, raw, talent at it's best. just sing.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


these negroes sang! 

it's just something smooth about Will & Que's voices. I think they'd be hot as a duo. About the song though, i'm pretty sure it's just an unreleased track from their debut CD; and of course, Brian and Robert go to EFFIE-in it up at the end. LoL...  hot song!


So, all the rumors of Jennifer Hudson possibly performing the National Anthem, for the second time, but this time at the Presidential Inauguration, are UNTRUE - according to Jennifer's rep. 

Jennifer Hudson will not be singing at Barack Obama’s inauguration on January 20, despite reports to the contrary, her rep told Access Hollywood.
“There is no truth to this,” the rep said.
The New York Post reported on Wednesday that Jennifer was in talks to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the ceremony, but the rep told Access that the star has no plans to participate in any inaugural activities.

In August, Jennifer sang the national anthem the night Barack accepted the Democratic presidential nomination at the party’s national convention.
The Oscar winner hasn’t hit the stage since the murders of her mother, brother and nephew in Chicago in October 2008.

William Balfour, the estranged husband of Jennifer’s sister, Julia, has been charged with the killings. He faces three counts of first-degree murder and home invasion charges. His next court hearing is set for January 20.

As previously reported on, Jennifer’s first performance since the tragic events of October will occur on February 6, at the MusiCares Person of the Year event in LA honoring Neil Diamond.
The star was recently nominated for several Grammys for her self-titled debut album.

Although I can see why they would ask for Jennifer to partake in this historic even, considering her and Barack's personal relationship, I just never saw her singing the Star-Spangled Banner for a second time. With Jennifer being one of Obama's favorite singers, I'm sure the Obama camp will have something for Miss Hudson to be involved in within the next few weeks. GO JEN!


JENNIFER, HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009



Brandy performs "Long Distance" on the Today Show. 

another amazing performance.  brandy just flat-foot stands there and SINGS! the band was amazing too, although the b-ground vocals could have been better. good stuff nonetheless. 

highlight : 4:57-5:04 [i went in]
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