Tuesday, November 4, 2008


words cannot express the overwhelming feelings of emotions that came over me tonight. being with my family, eating, laughing, and just hoping on a dream that has, actually, become a reality. i am so, so proud to be a black american right now. thank you, obama for breaking the barriers. 

YES I CAN and YES I WILL!!!!!!!!!! 

"they didnt give us forty acres and a mule, but we got 50 states and a white house, instead!"


Fawhn said...

I am so moved that we have an African American President that represents all of us in this country in some way shape or form. I'm glad I lived to see the day and have a part in this magical process called democracy. Finally votes were counted and Americans took a chance at voting again.

The CPA Doc said...

I love that statement about 50 states and a white house! Yes...love it

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