Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well... It appears that Danity Kane won't let one monkey stop their show..
The new Danity Kane, consisting of Aundrea, Dawn and Shannon, will have their first performance as the new band on November 14th at Jet Mirage Night Club. They will host that night and perform as well. They look good as a trio! Here's hoping they can actually pull it off and become a bigger group than they were before.

below is the reason why i'm glad that biddie Aubrey was kicked out... just a mess. smh... 

ANYthing dealing with Ray J gets a NO from me. GEESH!
source: musicfortheheart

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Jay-Edward said...

would someone tell Ray J... we didn't watch the first damn tape.. and as far as the second one... NO ONE CARES! so he doesn't have to make youtube response videos Kill ya self...

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