Monday, November 10, 2008


and here's beyonce's performance of her "IF I Were A Boy/Single Ladies" medley at the World Music Awards...

And here's a little fun interview B did with ITN over in the UK.. Its fun and funny. Check it out:

:-) I love the way her personality and candidness shine through during the interview.  She has really loosened up this time around and I love it.  And u can't help but to laugh when she laughs at the "Palin" punch. Lol...


deonte' k said...

I love Beyonce`.... She killed that performance. ;)

tiffany b. said... it just me or did she mess up her own lyircs in the beginning of "If I Were a Boy"!? Oops Bey! But she killed it over all...I loved that face at 4:16!!! Saucy! :)

And that interview was too adorable...I dont usually like to hear her speak let alone interview, but she was fun...wish it was longer than a minute! :)

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