Friday, September 26, 2008


So, the LA times did a review of Jennifer Hudson's album and when i tell you they hit the nail right ON the head... I need to say no more, really. Check out a snippet blow, and click here to read the entire article. :-)
Hudson can take comfort in knowing that Aretha Franklin, whose throne she strives to inherit, made many albums before hitting on the Alabama soul stew that made her a national treasure. The pop industry now blesses very few with that kind of time to develop, but Hudson's truly exceptional voice and proven appeal may buy her some time. For now, we'll live with numerous singles from this debut, see what sticks and hope that this process will educate Hudson about what she actually likes.

Here are some TV appearances for Jennifer that she's got goin' starting next week:
September 29 - Good Morning America (ABC)
September 29 - The View (ABC)
September 30 - Early Show (CBS)
September 30 - 106 & Park (BET)
October 1 - Jennifer Hudson Special (BET)
October 2 - Oprah (ABC)
October 2 - Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)
October 7 - Dancing With The Stars (ABC)
October 13 - The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)

I'm excited to see the Oprah show. Come on then Jen!


dazonne said...

Hey, I love your blog...just want to let you know that you can catch her performance on this site:

on the release date of her album...peace

singer/songwriter/fly-guy said...

oh thanks! yeah, i'll most definitely be on the look-out. :-)

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