Sunday, October 19, 2008


People always ask what's my big deal with Jennifer Hudson. and i always give the same answer; "she is the epitome of letting go, and letting God." i say this because i've been a fan of the chick since her AI days. While i would watch her, i would always say to myself, "this girl got somethin'." in true american idol fashion, once a contestant has been voted off, more than likely you never hear from, or about, them again. think Carmen Rasmusen.... right.

any who, everybody was saying that she wasn't gonna be nothing after she voted off and she'll probably go to work at Wal-Mart. yet, she pushed. She kept pushing and i remember her saying something that i ALWAYS say, "you know; i don't know when, and i dont know how, but i know God got something for me." After her elimination on Idol, she appeared on Entertainment Tonight to talk about the shocker of how she was booted along with being in the bottom three with the other 2 'divas'. Paula asked her if there was one thing in the world she would love to do in her career, what would it be. She answered, "i would love to play jennifer holiday in dreamgirls, so i can sing that song." two years later....... yeah.

in short folks, SPEAK WHAT YOU WANT! there's no limit to what God can do. The most important thing is that you TRUST that He will do it. Thats why i know i can rest comfortably in Him. He's the bomb...TRY Him!

Here's a video of her performance, and my favorite one, "Weekend In New England". She sang this the night her life began, a second time:

followed by, her elimination:


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