Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, Im sure you've heard by now the ridiculousness that is Aubrey and D. Woods being booted from Danity Kane.  Mess. I like them as a group. Granted they never had major success on the airwaves, both albums debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts.  Well last night on the live season finale, Diddy gives them the boot.  It's such a sad shame considering how Aubrey's attitude towards the situation is so nonchalant and pitiful.  If i was Aundrea, I would have gotten up and whipped her @$$.

For her to have the audacity to come on TV and act like that when her group members are clearly upset by the entire thing is saddening. Whatever tho. Dollhouse will still be on the playlist! :-) They also mentioned that a new season of MTB is in the works; so we will soon see if this was all a publicity stunt.

UPDATE: Here's the "kick-out" clip! DAMN! HAHA

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