Monday, October 13, 2008


You're in a relationship, or even just in the beginning stages of one; things seem to be going so smoothly at the beginning, and all of a sudden things begin to get quiet around you, what do you do?

Well, i've been on both sides of that coin, i become "silent" to them by stopping the responses to phone calls, texts, or any other forms of communication that have been practiced. In those instances, I'm not at all interested and want nothing to do with them anymore; but that's just me, and everyone doesn't think like me. On the other hand, i've HATED when i've been on the opposite end of that hand. Cuz it 'effin SUCKS! LoL.. 

disclaimer: this does not apply to my current situation**

I think there are ways to handle every situation, and even sometimes you are in a place where you really do need to remove yourself from certain situations. But what about the people who've been nothing but the best to their significant other? What then? LET ME KNOW!

I'll leave you with this:

Silence. It was beautiful silence. 
After I got over my last heartbreak, it was quiet. 
Now, you're here. For? What are you here for? 
To create complications and take me through changes? 
just tell me now!
 'cuz all i know is lonley ain't that bad 
without the tears and without the past, 
and the memories of how i KEPT HANGING ON!! 
Now i see that what I wanted in you, was always in me!

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