Friday, October 10, 2008

ALiCiA & JENNiFER BEAT BEYONCE! far as the potential 2009 Grammy Awards is concerned. Take a read at this clip from Fox News:

Oh, what a good Grammy fight there could have been for Best Song and Record: Alicia Keys’ “Superwoman," undoubtedly a nominee in both categories, almost had some real competition in many categories.

On Wednesday morning, our friends at Z100 in New York unveiled Beyonce’s new single. “If I Were a Boy.” And the news is: It’s Beyonce’s best record ever in her career, a total smash, an unexpected coup. You can hear it at

But "Boy" missed the Grammy deadline by eight days, and we can only wonder why. Certainly this single was ready to go on Sept. 30 in some form. It’s just Beyonce singing, very straightforward for once, no nonsense. It shows off her amazing vocal chops and establishes her as a singer.
Alicia, Jennifer, Leona — have albums vying for Best Album and Best R&B album, not to mention Best Female Pop (or R&B) Vocal Performance. And they’re all on Sony. Something’s gotta give. Of course, Keys' album, “As I Am,” is the most likely to make it all the way and could actually win the top honor next February.

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