Friday, October 3, 2008


I'm taking it easy... all i know is, lonely ain't that bad without the tears, and without the past, and the memories of how i kept hanging on. i am all i need, for real!

So, unreleased tracks have started to surface from Jennifer Hudson's CD and i'm soooo amped! LoL... This particular song is called For Real, and let me just say that i LOVE it! although it doesn't necessarily fit in with the more 'contemporary' direction of the songs that do appear on the LP, it's a wonderful homage to the '60s era; a simple melody, with horns, amazingly heartfelt lyrics, and that ole gospel beat that will make you do those "double claps" LoL. speaking of the lyrics, the words to this song hit the nail on my banana shaped head because if there were words to express emotions i've felt, this says it. period. 

I am all i need, for real! Now I see what I wanted in you was always in me, for real! I am all i need. I'm chasing love and it just kept runnin, i settled and you wans't the one.

If it was up to me, this is the direction i would have gone for her album; along with other unreleased songs such as the John Legend produced, "Happy Place" and Pharells songs that have like a "current Aretha" feel. I mean, she's a sanger! Not one of these typical biddies that are out now.  Then, we would have had a clear direction of where she was going musically. hey, maybe for the next record. Regardless, she sings it like nobody's business, of course. Love her....FOR REAL! ;-)

thanks, anonymous!


Anonymous said...

I love this song! Do you have the studio version of "Happy Place"? Because if you do, I would do ANYTHING for a copy. My email is! Please if you can help me out. I absolutely love that song and thanks for letting me know it was written By John Legend. Who knew!

singer/songwriter/fly-guy said...

hey i've been looking for that song for the longest. there was a live performance she did but the track hasn't been released yet. :(

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