Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Big Brother Skooter has a dope article in Memphis' leading newspaper The Commercial Appeal. Check Out the video and a snippet of the article below:

[that's Little "Big" Brother Kameron on trombone!]

On dancing with Beyonce:
“She’s just so beautiful,” Whalum said. “She motioned to me. I was standing on the side of the dance floor. She was acting like she was playing the sax. She’s like, ‘Come on.’ --- “I didn’t want to get too close ’cause that’s the boss man’s wife. So, I just danced around. But in my head I’m thinking, ‘Man, if mom and dad could see this. If my ex-girlfriends could see this there would be no debate. I win.’”

On Maxwell:
“He’s probably the coolest guy I’ve ever worked with. He’s really down to earth.”
Click HERE to read the full article. 

“I’m a prime example of what can be done if you just put yourself in the right position.”
              - Kenneth 3

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