Thursday, December 25, 2008


This was probably the most fulfilling Christmas i've had in a long while. Probably because I came without any expectations, solely to be in the company, and enjoy, my family and friends. 
*The "Night at PF" will be a night that will go down in history, thanks to Amber, Shena, and Ashley. [HA! It's amazing what secrets and liquor will do.]
*The day 'shopping' with George was full of what we do best, slaying. 
Christmas Eve @ the "White" House...
Huey's with Terrance: simply, thank you. Smile on. Smile on. 

CHRiSTMAS with the WHALUMS [& extended family]... truly Unforgettable. Mom, Dad, Skooter, Kameron, & KODIE! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me sad to go back to Atlanta. sigh. 

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