Monday, December 15, 2008


lol... check this interview i found on of Jamie Foxx KNOCKING Terrance Howard.

I've never been a fan of Jamie, but this is HILARIOUS!!! Especially when he was imitating his voice. Wow. However, hold your tongue buddy until your album reviews come in....


george.arnett said...

yuck... jamie foxx sucks. one hit wonder with ray. that was his effie oscar ;-)
t. howard is an artist. and a true actor.

singer/songwriter/fly-guy said...

you know george, i agree. im not a fan, and never was, actually.

Tiffany B. said...

Aww man Kort! For maybe like the first time ever...we disagree :( I think Jamie Foxx has lots of talent, but I also agree that Terrence Howard does as well.

Now this new cd of Jamie's I may not like too much, but He's always been a great comedian, a wonderful impersonator (which I def think takes talent) and I enjoy his voice...I guess the true test of whether or not he was a 'one-hit wonder' with "Ray" like Geroge says will be "The Soloist" in March...hopefully he won't disappoint.

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