Sunday, January 25, 2009


So as I was in and out of consciousness from this stomach flu that's going around, but I managed to catch some SANGERS on the UNCF show honoring Patti Labelle. sigh.... 

Fantasia. SANG! Jennifer. SANG!  Brian McKnight. SANG! Mario. SANG! Chrisette Michelle. SANG! 

Most performers sang two songs. Jennifer took on, "Stir It Up" and "Over The Rainbow" while Fantasia WORKED through "Lady Marmalade" and "Somebody Loves You". Taking on a Patti song is NO easy task, but everybody did their thing last night. To catch the program in full, it airs on CBS tonight at 9.

Fantasia [Lady Marmalade] :

Jennifer Hudson [Over The Rainbow] :


dazonne said...

Jenny killed it!!!

Anonymous said...

Baby, I was in the bed MYSELF (but I wasn't sick...hope you feel better :( sweetie) and I had to get UP! That Fantasia wore it out!
Nina J.

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