Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Since I'm on a Fantasia high, stemming from her high-octane performance of Lady Marmalade from the Patti tribute, i HAD to post this video of her appearance on American Idol. Lol... All i can do is say YES to Fantasia. I love her authenticity. I also appreciate the fact that she hasn't allowed "Hollywood" to change her...at ALL!!!!!!! It's brilliant to me that she would pick "Bore Me [Yawn]" from her Fantasia disc on a show like American Idol. LoL! AHHHH I LIVE TO LOVE!!!! It's so fantabulously HOOD!!!! Peep Simons face towards the end... it's like he's saying, "My God..."

She's a born entertainer. A true American Idol. Love it. By the way, she bumped the HELL out of this performance. 

Notice the girl, to Fantasia's left, at the 1:32 mark. That's the face of someone in church in preperation to "go in."  First, the stare. Followed by a pull in your spirit [your stomach, lol] Finally, the scream. Yeah, she's gone in. IT'S ALRIGHT!!! HAHAHAHA

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